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Hedge & Shrub Trimming

We offer experience & an artistic eye trimming your hedges & shrubs. Nice job cleaning up. Hedge Trimming

Seasonal & Garden Cleanup

Yard Cleanup - We rake & remove the mess. Knowledgeable about shrubs & perennials. Gardening Services

Lawn Aeration & Overseeding

Improve your lawn by overseeding, aeration & fertilizing along with proper watering & cutting. Lawn Care

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Picture of Brian Lacouvee the Lawn Dude

Hello, my name is Brian Lacouvee and I have offered lawn care, hedge trimming, lawn sodding and professional gardening services since 2003, during that time I have had the opportunity to learn what our customers were expecting from our landscaping company, and we have been very fortunate to have succeeded at making them happy and their properties looking nice.


Serving South-East Mississauga

We have been happy and successful serving customers in South-East Mississauga which include the communities of Mineola, Lakeview, Port Credit, Applewood, Cooksville, Dixie as well as the east side of Lorne Park.


I have written a few select Lawn Care Blogs and have also tried to answer a few common questions on our FAQ page that I hope may be of interest to homeowners.

It is wonderful to have a such a wide geographic audience of readers and visitors to our website, however, my company service area will remain South/East Mississauga.

Skid of Fescue Sod with owner of sodding company Cedar hedge with drainage piping Individual small euonomus shrubs nicely trimmed Stones tree boarder round stone flowerbox Hostos brick walkway garden path Stonework to replace lawn


Lawn Fertilizers

My Healthy Lawn uses lawn fertilizers from top Canadian companies, and we take the time to apply them to your lawn properly. The fertilizers we use are safe for your family and the environment! Any lawn care products that may have been deemed harmful have been removed from the Ontario residential market.


We are small, we care, and we want you telling your friends and neighbors how happy you are with us. Have confidence as well knowing that both our lawn sodding and hedge trimming company as well as our workers are fully insured to work on your property.


Having been in both sales and service related businesses all my life I have learned that if you treat people with the same service and respect you would want to be treated with, then everything usually turns out well.


Company Services

Our main services include spring and fall garden cleanup, lawn sodding, excellent hedge and shrub trimming as well as lawn fertilizing, aeration, overseeding and lawn dethatching.


I take great pride in caring for our customer’s properties and look forward to the care of your lawn.


Your family will be happy with our dependable quality service and your healthy lawn. If at any time we do not meet your expectations call us, and we will try to make it right!


Unfortunately at this time we are strictly limiting our travel and service to customers south of Burhnamthorpe Road but including Rockwood and east of the Credit River. It has been my experience that it is better to have any contractor living 10 minutes away rather than 35 minutes away. I find driving back to someones home for a 5 minute fix is a lot easier if I live close by. This is why our customers like the great after service My Healthy Lawn provides


We do not force our services on anyone, we have always had enough customers that are happy with us, to not bother chasing down those that do not want our service. Since 2003 we have never needed to take anyone to task for not paying, everyone`s happy, everyone pays, so never a problem.


As well as, lawn fertilizing, aeration, overseeding and sodding we can tend to your annual garden cleanup as well as excellent hedge and shrub trimming.


Our phone number is not listed here but is always made available to our active customers. Unfortunately I do not have time to be taking calls from any new inquires during the day while I am working. I respond to my e-mails in the evening.


Weed Control

At this time we also refuse many job requests for only weed control service. Unfortunately, we do not offer any guaranteed weed control at this time. We will only use the weed control products that are allowed on the market, however we make no warranty that it will remove all the weeds from your lawn. As well, we only provide the no guarantee weed control with a seasonal fertilizing program.


There are some people who have virtually no grass left on their lawn only weeds, and unfortunately we cannot help these people with a few sprays of weed control. Major work will need to be performed. The homeowners themselves have to make a commitment to do all the things required in having a nice lawn, which is no simple task.


Not until a product comes on the market that can prove to me that our efforts will be at least 85% successful will I be able to give any kind of warranty or guarantee. I am very sorry.


Killing Weeds

Killing lawn weeds is a problem for everyone who owns a house in Mississauga, and especially for those who may not have given proper care to their lawn in the past. Unfortunately, I do not have any magic potion, or any illegal weed killer to do the job for you. (Killex or any product containing the chemical 2-4-D is not legally allowed to be used in Mississauga).


In the old days there were also herbicide and pesticide products that would successfully get rid of crab grass and nasty grubs. These are illegal too, and no, I do not have any of this stuff either.


Organic solutions

There are organic solutions but nothing works as well as good old fashioned cancer causing, toxic carcinogens.


Don’t you hate the fact that we live in a country that cares about everyone’s health.


The organic lawn care solutions that are available may not work well but since there is little else, most lawn care companies and homeowners try them. Nematodes for grubs (add lots of water), Corn Gluten Meal for crabgrass, Weed B Gon/Fiesta for weeds (no rain please). It takes longer for all these products to work, they are more expensive, take longer to apply and require frequent applications. No simple cheap pill.


However you must realize that most people who are using these organic lawn care methods are also watering their lawn properly, cutting their lawn regularly to at least 2.5 – 3 inches, using a gas powered mulching mower over bagging, they fertilize their lawn regularly, overseed every fall or spring, and as well they aerate and de-thatch their lawn regularly. Yes, this is what people with nice lawns really do, and over the years I have promoted all these ideas to my clients with successful results.


If you are doing all these things your lawn probably looks great, you are the envy of the neighborhood, you make a great margarita, never burn your barbequed steaks and are an all around great human being. Ok, ok, maybe not, but at least you have a nice lawn!


It takes lots of time, patience, back breaking weed pulling and money to keep a lawn looking healthy. In the old days using Killex, a sprinkler system and lots of fertilizer was enough to do the job really well. Now it takes much more effort and a few prayers.


But praying that you will find a company that will only charge you a few hundred dollars to repair a badly neglected lawn and have your lawn looking great in a few weeks may not come to fruition. You might be better off praying to win the Lottery and then you can just move into a Condominium.


Looking for a change and an opportunity to improve the look and care of your lawn? Have a list of gardening tasks to do? Require a lawn repair or fresh sodding? Would like proper fertilizing? Maybe spruce up the lawn with an overseeding, aeration or dethatching? Then why not give us a try. We are a small Mississauga lawn care and hedge trimming company, and the boss is always on the job at your house.


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